The Bigger Picture of Change

Sometimes, when change for the better happens, there can be consquences that you can’t forsee, if you fail to look closely enough.

A manager I worked with recently resolved a long-standing recruitment issue. One of the Team Leader vancancies had been left unfilled for over a year.

One of the members of the team had heroically filled in and because of the requirements of the Team Leader’s role (requiring specific technical skills) could not be given the position permanently.

The position became filled and the Department Manager decided that he would reward the team member by moving them to a different team where they could be promoted eventually.

It was seen (by the Department Manager), as a positive step for the team member.

The Department Manager did not feel the need to fully appreciate whether the team member wanted to move – or indeed, get that promotion.

Indeed they were very happy in that technical area they hade been holding the fort for, for so long!

Three months down the track, the team member decided to leave. They had not wanted to move, but their concerns were poo-pooed by the Departmental Manager who belived they were helping out the team member by forcing them to develop.

Two further months later, the Team Leader whose arrival had precipitated the movement of the team member decided that they weren’t right for the job either, so they left too.

The Department Manager was left with no Team Leader and no effective team member either, such that the team struggled to deliver anything like the performance required, bringing a sizeable chunk of the Department under a lot of pressuire.

The moral of the story?

  • Never assume anything about people, especially where it involves them in changes they might not want to undertake
  • Never think that a solution to one thing will be without ripples outwards
  • Consider the implications of change much more than superficially!


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