Key Facts About Change

Change Management has become the watchword for negative actions in business. Yet it need not be as unpleasant as it has a reputation for.

Change management as skills for managers and leaders are in constant demand and with a little preparation and planning, disruption can be minimised.

Change can become a positive and stimulating experience in your business or organisation – for you and your people – if you work to make it so.

Top Ten Things About Change Management

The very best Change Management comes in simple, almost imperceptible steps – like the small course corrections a 747 jumbo makes crossing the ocean to get to it’s destination.

Great leaders of change…

  1. Communicate Well
    They are open in conversations with their people and embrace them in finding win-win solutions to change.
  2. Have A Clear Vision
    Really understand where the business is going after doing collaborative visioning work with their people.
  3. Are Consistent
    Every activity within a change process is delivered in line with a fair, trusted and honest plan – no exceptions.
  4. Have Great Rapport
    Easy change processes are delivered because these leaders have already sown the seeds by pro-actively building close relationships with their people.
  5. Are Trusted
    …and their people know their leader cares and is doing the best he or she can for the good of as many as possible.
  6. Plan Well
    Have considered all options; have decided the best value case and have checked what will and what won’t work – no surprises.
  7. Have a Disciplined Approach
    They stick to the planned process and timescales for the changes to be made.
  8. Stick to Their Guns
    …and do not shift from the agreed plan, whatever emotional pressures they face.
  9. Treat People Well
    Honour people for themselves and treat them with respect and dignity in these often tense times.
  10. Are Results Focused
    Make decisions based on true value-creation and use that very objectively as their over-riding goal.


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