Change Your Attitude, Change Your Possibilities

Change is so often seen to be a threat, because as long as we muddle along in a world we already know, at least we feel some sort of control in our lives. Imposed changes ruin that, most often creating serious states of concern and worry.

By getting a grip when change comes around, we are able to make much more of the opportunities that come our way. Because there are times, particularly as we grasp new adventures by the throat and make them our own, that we see new ways forward.

Over time, when we are rolling along the channel that our life guides us along, we find that the smallest diversion can be stressful and cause us concern.

So, by taking a long look at the possibilities that change provides us with and finding the real positives within, we create new ideas to try out, leading to – well, we so often don’t know what. By taking this approach and challenging ourselves that there might be something in it that’s worth taking a risk with, we can so often find the value, rather than the downsides.

In truth, the lives we so often lead are created out of the environment we’ve experienced over time, so we move away from the authentic lives we truly want and that discomfort becomes the norm. Accepted, yet leaving us with that ongoing low-level stress that dissatisfaction leaves us with.

Seeing the opportunities that change can offer is a revealing experience for many people. By embracing change for what it can leverage for us makes us own control of our lives that little bit more.

The stronger option is to continually seek change until we are completely fulfilled – a step that can be hard to take coldly. When change comes our way, we owe it to ourselves to see what is offers openly and from broader perspectives perhaps than we have allowed ourselves in the past.

Letting changing situations enable our own authenticity – and hence fulfilment – is an opportunity to be grasped as if goes past and much less feared.

Having change imposed on us – for whatever reason – could even be seen as a service provided to us that many – if not everyone – would get a great deal from, with the right attitude to it.

© Resilience in Change 2011