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Making the Most of Redundancy

For many people, the fear and worry of losing their job is a huge blow to them. Yet more and more people are seeing such a challenge more as the kick in the butt they needed, to enable them to achieve much more from their life than they ever thought possible. Even better…they not only […]


Make Change Easy – Get Involved!

The level and intimacy of involvement in change makes a big difference to how people are able to respond. Taking ‘control’ of change can be fruitful, enlightening and, yes, enjoyable. If you are undergoing change, think it through, and then think how you can enable your people to get involved too… There are wild variances […]


Ten Reasons Why It’s Best to Accept How You Feel During Change

Change is challenging. It impacts on people and they resist. But sometimes they resist experiencing the feelings that accompany change. Yet accepting and appreciating how you feel in changing situations can help. Here’s how… How you feel is OK. Whoever is going through any change experience would feel the way you do, whether it is […]